Description:WISE is much more than just a good, it's a smart investment product. Going into debt without a return is riskier than going into debt with a guaranteed return. The purchase of a studio / apartment with the objective of its renovation and rental allowed our client to become an owner at a lower cost, immediately and to ensure a guaranteed additional income.

Investment details:

Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Location type:
Popular central district
Type of Client:
Customer Age range :
Between 25 and 35 years old
Purchase, renovations & development:
Between 25 and 30 million XOF
Type of financing:
Bank loan guaranteed via salaries
Loan term
: 5 years
Initial Investment
: 3 million to reserve the property, 2 million for advisory and structuring
: The client is a dynamic young executive with a comfortable income. His bank offered him to make a bank loan and he hesitated between subscribing to a real estate program or buying land and building a property. He was also hesitant about the final use of his property, knowing that he could live there or rent out.

Project Status: Completed. 90% occupancy rate since 2021
Return on investment:
3 years
Net rental yield:
Net cash flows generated:
During the term of the loan, the customer will make 3.6 million per year. Once his loan is fully repaid, he will make 10.8 million per year.