Description:VISION is an unexpected project: two buildings instead of one, with separate entrances. A residential building and an office and commercial building. The residential building will be sold at 90% (with the exception of two apartments for passing partners) in order to fully repay the total investment of the project. As for the commercial building, it will generate rental income in the long term.

Investment details:

Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Location type:
Mixed Residential / Commercial
Client Type:
Construction and development:
2,5 billion XOF

Type of financing: Equity / Bank debt
Initial investment:
Land, 75 million for studies, structuring and legal advice, 500 million in equity.
Plot size:
2,000 m2
The institution approached Maara Real Estate for the design of an R+4 office building on land in a location with very high potential, which it wanted to develop.
The institutional client did not want to lock in his funds or be indebted in the long term due to other investments to be made.

Project status: Construction in progress since April 2022.
Return on investment:
2 years
Net streams generated:
The commercial property will generate annual revenues of more than 400 million XOF. The invested capital and the bank loan will be repaid immediately after the completion of the work, via the sale of the apartments.