JUNE 30, 2022


Maara Real Estate Extends Best Selling Advisory Service To Foreign Investors

Maara Real Estate is pleased to announce that it has extended its best-selling advisory service to accommodate the needs of foreign investors seeking to get a slice of the African real estate market. The company has spent the last two years proving the efficiency of the product locally and will now allow both corporate and individual foreign investors to buy and sell real estate in Côte d'Ivoire.

  • IMMO 360° is a full-suite real estate advisory service that profitably handles all aspects of a client’s real estate investment project, from hiring architects to managing engineers and dealing with jurists. Through the service, investors can save time and valuable resources, by leveraging the firm’s expertise to find the best professionals capable of turning their ambitious visions into reality.

    Athina NIEKOU, Managing Director of Maara Real Estate, describes the product as a bridge that connects the francophone African country to the rest of the world. And hopes it will help renew trust with the international community.

  • “Thanks to Immo 360°, we are building a bridge between Côte d’Ivoire and the world, for real estate investors. Our main objective is profitability, but we also want to rebuild the trust that has been lost by all those people leaving abroad who want to secure real estate properties in our country.”

    Based in Abidjan, the country’s capital, Maara Real Estate provides real estate investors and owners with a comprehensive advisory service that caters to all their needs, from the design and structuring of real estate projects to the financing and management of their assets.

    Driven by innovation and an unwavering willingness to serve, Maara Real Estate helps its clients design profitable real estate projects adapted to their economic context, through strategic advice, management, and optimization of the value of real estate projects.

  • The real estate advisory firm begins each new project with a feasibility study that clinically evaluates the viability of the technical aspects, and how they comply with the statutory town planning standards. In addition, Maara Real Estate brings its deep market understanding to perform a deep analysis of the commercial viability and all other financial aspects of the project.

    Through its personalized customer approach, expertise, and cutting-edge tools, Maara Real Estate quickly identifies transaction-related issues and efficiently implements effective strategies. The company possesses a large international network of financial partners, allowing its clients to access various sources of capital, and enjoy unlimited resources under the best conditions in the market

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